TTT House Cleaning and Raising Funds

Hello everyone,

The board is actively working on trying to clean up the property we own and leverage some of the assets we’ve gathered over the years. This means that we are finding things that represent great opportunities for you to get a great deal and help the TTT at the same time.

First we have a

NorTrac 3 point PTO Finish mower, 6 foot cut.  Originally purchased April 2017, used very little, near new condition.
$995.00 or make an offer. We will putting it on craigslist in two weeks.  Brand new price $1280.
This was purchased a couple of years ago when the club was considering doing our own grass cutting.  It was barely used and is great condition
For larger views click on the pictures,


In addition there is a IDYLIS chest freezer.  7.1 cubic feet.  Near new condition $125.00 or make an offer.  Priced brand new $185.00
For more information contact
Mark “Curly” Dunn
TTT Property & Acquisition Committee
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