Article II, Section 4 Petition Referendum Fails

During the July meeting, the Tennessee Tree Toppers (TTT) Board of Directors (BOD) received a petition under Article II, Section 4 of the TTT Bylaws, which allows for twenty or more members in good standing to petition the BOD for a referendum on any issue.  This petition required the TTT BOD to refer to the membership a decision on lifting the “no trespass” condition of David Hanning’s membership suspension in December of 2018.  After preparation of the referendum petition, BOD response, ballot, and mailer page, the package was submitted to the petitioners for review prior to publication.  After some time, petitioner approval was confirmed, and the referendum was published on August 29, 2019.  TTT Election Committee members counted the ballots received during the voting term on the evening of October 3.  The results of the count are:

  • 81 total ballots received
  • 8 ballots invalid and uncounted
  • 73 valid ballots submitted
  • 23 Yes votes (terminate “no trespass” condition immediately.)
  • 50 No votes (“no trespass” condition remains in effect.)

Therefore, the Article II, Section 4 Petition Referendum to terminate the “no trespass” condition of David Hanning’s membership suspension fails.  The “no trespass” condition of his suspension will remain in effect until such time as Mr. Hanning may satisfy these conditions and submit successful application for restoration of his membership in the Tennessee Tree Toppers.  It is perhaps notable that the petition referendum, while failing by a greater than two-to-one margin, also collected significantly fewer supporting votes than names listed on the petition.

While we regret the unfortunate circumstances which require us to bring these matters to your attention, we are making consistent and concerted efforts to manage and reduce such distractions from our aerial priorities.  The TTT BOD extends their heartfelt gratitude to the Tree Toppers who took the time to participate in our democratic process.

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