Article 1: Name and Purpose

Section 1

The name of the organization is the Tennessee Tree Toppers, Inc. (TTT).

Section 2

The primary purposes of the TTT are to excel in the study and the sport of hang gliding and paragliding, to promote organization and camaraderie between all members, to promote family fly-ins and competition for the flying of hang gliders and paragliders, to select pilots for national and international competition, to own launch and landing sites, and to promote safe and mature flying practices as outlined by USHPA Part 100 and FAR Part 103.

Article II: Membership

Section 1

The membership of the TTT consists of the individuals whose dues have been collected and applications have been approved by the board of directors (BOD). All privileges and benefits associated with full membership proceed unrestricted unless otherwise specified by the BOD as provided in Article II, Section 2 of these bylaws. Current USHPA or HPAC membership is required for flight privileges.

Section 2

A membership may be suspended or revoked for violation of a rule of the TTT or for conduct prejudicial to the best interest of the TTT. Such action will require a unanimous minus one vote of the members of the BOD present at a scheduled meeting after notification of the charges and the time and place for their review by the BOD has been delivered to the member in question at least seven days prior.

Section 3

Membership classification

Life $1,000

5 Year $400

Annual $100

Family $50 (per additional member)

3 day pass $25

1 day tandem $5

Members retain full membership privileges. “Family” members receive one newsletter per household. Tandem members receive no newsletter and have no voting privileges. Members will receive the newsletter at no additional charge. All voting members will be rated USHPA Novice, HPAC equivalent, or above.

Section 4

Twenty or more voting members in good standing may petition the BOD in writing and call for a general membership referendum on any issue.

Article III: Board of Directors

Article III, Section 1:

The affairs and business of the TTT will be governed by a board consisting of fifteen directors, nominated in October and elected by the membership from ballots received before the December meeting. TTT membership is required of nominations to the BOD. Upon election, BOD members must maintain current membership. Membership expiration during the BOD member’s term of office will be considered tantamount to resignation. The BOD will assume office at the January meeting. The term of office is one year and the directors may be re-elected. Not more than two employees of any one hang gliding and/or paragliding related business will be eligible for service on the BOD. The BOD may elect honorary directors for the purpose of recognition and/or special expertise. The sole function of an honorary director is consultation. Honorary directors have no voting privileges on the BOD.

Section 2

The BOD will meet at least six times a year. The BOD may be convened by the president with adequate notification of each director or by the secretary at the written request of four directors.

Section 3

Nine directors, including at least two members of the executive board, will constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at all meetings.

Section 4

The third consecutive absence of a BOD member from a BOD meeting will be considered tantamount to submission of resignation from the BOD. Any vacancy on the BOD will be filled by vote of the remaining directors at the earliest possible scheduled meeting and the term of office will be for the remainder of that year.

Section 5

Each member of the BOD will serve without compensation or reward, except as provided in these bylaws.

Article IV: BOD Election of Executive Committee

Section 1

An executive committee elected by the BOD will be comprised of the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The executive committee will function for and have authority of the BOD between meetings of the BOD.

Section 2

The president will preside at all meetings, appoint all committee chairs and, with the approval of the BOD, sign and execute all contracts in the name of the TTT.

Section 3

The vice president will be vested with all the powers of the president and will perform the duties of the president in case of the absence or incapacity of the president.

Section 4

The secretary will keep minutes for all meetings, notify BOD members of meetings, maintain all TTT records, and perform such duties designated by the BOD as incidental to the office.

Section 5

The treasurer will manage all receipts and deposits of all TTT monies, make disbursements authorized in budgets approved by the BOD, prepare monthly financial reports and operating expense statements, and perform such duties as may be incidental to the office.

Article V: Committees

Section 1

Committees may be formed by the president as necessary.

Section 2

Any policies, procedures, or rules recommended by committees and approved by the BOD will be published via the newsletter, posting on club bulletin boards and the club website, and/or upon request.

Article VI: Removal from office

A director may be removed from office by unanimous vote of the remaining directors at a regularly scheduled meeting. The candidate for removal must receive advance notification of the vote for removal. Copies of letters, petitions, and/or other documents submitted to the BOD representing grounds for removal of a director will be forwarded to that director before the vote for removal.

Article VII: Finance

Section 1

The fiscal year will be from January 1 to December 31.

Section 2

No TTT property with a value exceeding $1,000.00 will be sold without unanimous approval of the BOD or majority of the general membership.

Section 3

Half of the annual revenue remaining after the operational budget is met will be allocated to the landing field fund.

Article VIII: Amendments

The bylaws may be amended by membership referendum only. Any bylaws revision referendum will be published (posted) at least thirty days before the deadline for submission of votes. Member presence will not be required for voting on any bylaws revision referendum.

2015 Bylaws Committee:

Dan Shell

Michael Bradford

Clark Harlow

Rick Jacob

Kathy Lee

Marco Weber


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