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Hello everyone, The board is actively working on trying to clean up the property we own and leverage some of the assets we’ve gathered over the years. This means that we are finding things that represent great opportunities for you to get a great deal and help the TTT at the same time. First we […]

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Hey folks, at our last board meeting we adopted a policy of allowing our club members to have the first option in purchasing any surplus club equipment. You will have 2 weeks to purchase items before we advertise them to the general public. One of our first items we’re offering for sale is a small 2 stroke engine that was included in the purchase of the Burnside property. According to information I can find on the internet, the attached data tag identifies it as a McCulloch 101 M/C. It seems to still be very popular with the vintage go kart crowd. Who knew there even was such a thing? It was originally included as part of a new ultralight sailplane kit that was purchased in the late 70’s/early 80’s but was never built or even started. The engine is also believed to be brand new and never even started. It is complete except for an exhaust system. The engine was stored with the piston at top dead center which along with the butterfly valve in the carb being closed effectively sealed the internal parts of the engine. The piston and rings when viewed through the exhaust port look perfect with no wear marks or scoring. The cylinder wall opposite the exhaust port looks perfect also with no wear and the crisp cross hatch pattern still there. The engine turns freely by hand with the exception of the compression stroke of course. The exposed end of the crankshaft is rusty but it appears to be mostly surface rust with some minimal pitting I expect. I have not cleaned the crankshaft or any other part of the engine because I wanted to show the original condition of the engine the way it was found. We already have an offer from a vintage carter of $800. Maybe its worth more, maybe not. You lucky club members will have first shot at this magnificent piece of vintage go karting and ultralight history first. What a great way to help your club out! If you’re interested, contact me directly with your best offer.




Terry Presley

President Tennessee Tree Toppers



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We appreciate your support of the Tennessee Tree Toppers and your interest in our Local Voodoo Free Flight Weather Calendar. This online art gallery was assembled to solve a problem. Now, what problem could there possibly be with wonderfully creative people accustomed to beautiful production contributing their work for our little calendar? We’re glad you […]

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