TTT Free Flight Fund

Need your help to purchase 5.8 acres “Next Door”

  • This purchase will enlarge our Henson Gap launch area from 4 acres to almost 10 acres.
  • The purchase will answer the need for TTT ownership of a PG launch, established by our 2015 Bylaws revision.
  • All of our members contributing $1000 would pay for this entire purchase AND double the former balance of our Property Acquisition Fund!

Ways to Contribute!


  • Tennessee Tree Toppers Free Flight Fund ( Contribution Instructions )
    • This account may receive contributions immediately and directly. There are no requirements for deposited funds except their application to the stated goal. The TTT is classified by the IRS as a 501(c)(7) non-taxable organization so, while dedicated contributions to a restricted account for a specific mission-related objective are non taxable to the TTT, they are not tax deductible for the donor.
  • TTT Burnside Acquisition Fund in conjunction with the Foundation for Free Flight ( Contribution Instructions)
    • An endowment or “targeted fund” account with the Foundation for Free Flight (FFF). The FFF has graciously offered a matching grant of $25,000 to be awarded upon the successful completion of fundraising and purchase. Their requirements include 3% of deposited contributions and a “sunset” date of 2023, when unused deposits are to be surrendered to the FFF. However, reallocation of unused deposits to projects appropriate to our mission is permitted, so it’s difficult to imagine the latter eventuality. Because the FFF is a 501(c)(3) organization, contributions to this account are both non-taxable for the TTT and tax-deductible for the donor.
  • The Local Voodoo Free-Flight Weather Calendar ( Get your calendar )
    • A fundraising calendar like you may have bought or sold in high school, only more expensive. It will feature fine art in miniature curated from around the world (wide web), seasonally relevant quotations profound and inane, and long-range weather forecasts with a few daily site recommendations. The latter are clearly bunk, preceded by a disclaimer warning against employment for flight planning. That’s why it’s the “Voodoo” calendar. Production cost should come from advertising. Further proceeds should come from “daily listings,” paid notations for commemoration of anniversaries listed in the calendar’s daily squares, such as birthdays, weddings, and significant flights, among other things. Finally, the product will likely sell at a completely unreasonable price calculated to offer maximum opportunity for displayed proclamation of TTT support.

  • The TTT 200 ( Become a TTT 200 Member )
    • The TTT is looking for 200 heroic Tree Toppers to lead the way! The map for Lot No. 2.04, the Burnside property, has been divided into 200 squares and overlaid in a Google Earth KML file. A “location” marker pin has been added at the center of each square. Pins and sections will be “sold” for $1000 each. The TTT 200 contributors will receive a certificate denoting the geographic coordinates of their center pin and the corners of the square they helped the TTT purchase. Their contributions and sections will also be indicated on a monument to be placed on site upon project conclusion.



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