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checkboxYes, I want to experience free flight.

TTT is a not-for-profit club of recreational free flight pilots, and does not offer instruction. We do offer tandem students special 30-day memberships, available when scheduled through instructors and schools who have been recognized by the club. These independent providers may offer both introductory and continuing pilot training for TTT members pursuing the pilot skills and ratings necessary to advance as good, safe pilots.

We welcome new pilots, whether you’re just curious, fly-curious, or already moved by the dream of soaring flight. If you decide that flight training is for you, once you understand and accept the risks and the effort required, we’ll welcome you as a new member. You’ll be in good company among hundreds of pilots, with centuries of combined and varied experience, friends who know very well what you are going through. Since 1974, TTT members have been welcoming, protecting, promoting and celebrating flying people.

Good info for new pilots: USHPA websiteushpaTTT is a member Chapter of the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.  USHPA membership is required of all pilot members of TTT when flying or training at TTT sites.

If you take a single tandem lesson, you’ll be required to at least join USHPA temporarily.  If you go on to pursue pilot rating, you’ll be expected to join and maintain USHPA membership.  USHPA sets the standards for pilot ratings, manages pilot liability insurance programs and represents free flight in the U.S. at the national level.

Flight privileges at our sites require current USHPA membership along with TTT membership.  More info: Flight Regulatory Program.

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