Henson Gap Landing Zone


Land in the field north of Davis Loop and south of Henson Gap Road. The upper strip, located at the southern end of the field, slopes upward toward launch in its southern corner. It is fairly level in its western corner bordered by large electric transmission lines (NW) and Davis Loop (SW). From here the field slopes down to the north, along a fall line that divides the upper strip from the lower strip, to a big flat bottom comprising the majority of area. Although the upper strip will be used by many pilots in a strong north cross, the wide flat bottom area may be easier to negotiate in these conditions. Mr. Woerner also allows use of his bowl field across Davis Loop, offering another good option in this direction.

Please be advised that this is a landing field and all landing aircraft has priority.

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Please take your trash with you, and keep your speed down to 15 mph when driving past the homes surrounding the LZ.

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