Team Challenge 2016 Moves to Springtime

Tennessee Tree Toppers’ Team Challenge is the original free flight learning and teaching competition, teaming Advanced, Intermediate and Master hang glider and paraglider pilots for a full week of airtime, seminars, skills progression (and warm, friendly predation seeking trophies, prizes and bling.) Steve Pearson and the Wills Wing champions brought their Demo Days to Henson Gap this year! The spring weather delivered a fantastic and memorable week of flights. We enjoyed a plethora of riveting presentations, a steady flow of excellent food, and all the warm camaraderie we’ve come to anticipate during this week of good natured learning and competing. We did miss the karaoke though…

Team Challenge pre-registration is free for TTT Members. Log in or register to sign up and reserve your spot. Only 856 days and a wakeup until Team Challenge 2016!
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