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Henson Gap

Rigid Wing: Dave Hopkins 10/07/07 135 Miles to Florence, Alabama (Current Record)

Steve Lee 112 Miles to Steele, Alabama

Steve Lee 109.4 Miles to Oneonta, Al 08/17/08

David Giles 101 Miles to Gadsden, Al 08/02/08

Steve Lee 100 Miles to Piedmont, Alabama

Declared Task: Ollie Gregory & James Stinnett 03/22/09 64.5 Mile Triangle

Topless: Greg Heckman 05/23/16 111 Miles to Bremen, GA (Current Record)

Steve Lee 95 Miles to Gadsden, Alabama

Steve Lee 91 Miles to Cartersville, Georgia

Steve Lee 91 Miles to Alabama

Steve Lee 78 Miles to Rome, Georgia

Kathy Lee 68 Miles to Armuchee, Georgia

Declared Task:

King Posted: Steve Lee 88 Miles to Cartersville, Georgia (Current Record)

Greg Wojnowski 82 Miles to Center, Alabama

Randy Adams 81 Miles to Collinsville, Alabama

Bo Hagewood 80 Miles to Oliver Springs, Tennessee

Steve Lee 75 Miles to Rome, Georgia

Single Surface: Need information: send us the info!

Duration: Jeff Sharp 05/31/09 8 Hours and 44 minutes!


Rigid Wing: Ollie Gregory 5/28/07 109.9 Miles to Killen, Alabama (Current Record)

David Giles 5/24/07 108 Miles to Burkesville, Kentucky

Steve Lee 93.5 Miles to Jamestown, Tennessee

Kathy Lee 86 Miles to Jamestown, Tennessee (Airport)

Stan Roberts 10/05/08 86 Miles to Jamestown, Tennessee (Airport)

Notable Flight: Ollie Gregory 04/10/10 87.5 Miles A Good Feeling!

Topless: Greg Heckman 05/3/15 81 Miles to Lancing, Tennessee on a T2C (Current Record)

Greg Heckman 04/30/13 79 Miles to Grimsley, Tennessee on a T2C

Steve Lee 78 miles to Clarks Range, Tennessee on a Laminair

Steve Lee 75 Miles to Clarks Range, Tennessee

Greg Heckman 08/31/03 60 Miles to Paint Rock, Alabama

Steve Lee 65 Miles to north of Crossville, Tennessee

Notable Flight: Jeff Nibler 04/10/10 67.5 Miles A Good Feeling!

King Posted: Greg Heckman 05/22/07 109 Miles to Fountain Run, Kentucky (Current Record)

Greg Heckman 06/13/07 87 Miles to Bethel, Tennessee

Eric Donaldson 06/13/07 86 Miles (Longest TTT flight by a H3)

Greg Heckman 08/17/11 84 Miles to Jamestown, Tennessee

Greg Heckman 05/28/07 83 Miles to Nolensville, Tennessee

Steve Lee 10/01/92 78 Miles to Lancing, Tennessee on a Wills Wing AT.

Single Surface: Marc Fink 10/02/07 13.1 Miles to Kimball LZ during the Team Challenge on a Falcon


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