Voodoo Free Flight Art Gallery

We appreciate your support of the Tennessee Tree Toppers and your interest in our Local Voodoo Free Flight Weather Calendar. This online art gallery was assembled to solve a problem. Now, what problem could there possibly be with wonderfully creative people accustomed to beautiful production contributing their work for our little calendar? We’re glad you asked!

Though the art brings color and class to our calendar, it’s still a calendar. That means it’s crowded with things like dates, events, free-flight images, and even some sketchy weather forecasts for the year (for what they’re worth). Unfortunately, that means the beautiful artwork contained therein doesn’t receive nearly the space it deserves, much less any description of the creator, inspiration, artistic decisions, or technical considerations, the stuff art fans want to know.

Therefore, we’ve set up these pages to allow for review of these images spread over a little more area. Though still woefully inadequate, there is some room for information about the creative minds from whom they came, some technical information, and links to these works in greater resolution as well as more works for review and sale.

If you like beautiful things and found the images in our calendar as captivating as we did, you’ll want to take this opportunity to peruse them in some greater detail, read about the artist, follow their links to more of their work, and perhaps even support them (return the favor) with a purchase for the addition of some artistic interest to your personal space.

Of course, we express our sincere gratitude to the artists who have so generously granted their permission for our use of the beauty they’ve conceived and delivered to our little corner of the cosmos. Thank you for making the world, and our world, a better place.

Art Gallery Index

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