Whitwell Paraglider Launch

South of the original TTT hang glider launch, the paragliding launch at Whitwell is suitable for both hang gliding and paragliding. Operated and managed by Sequatchie Valley Soaring it is open for solo recreational use to qualified pilots who are current members of both USHPA and TTT, through a cooperative agreement.  In addition to TTT’s FRP and USHPA’s SOPs pilots must observe SVS Regulatory Policy:


  • SVS Regulatory Policy permits only purely recreational solo operations. Tandem, mentoring, instructional or any commercial operations require the expressed permission of the landowner.
  • Your USHPA and TTT memberships must be current before you fly
  • Check in with both TTT and the operators and obtain a personal briefing, prior to first flights (Contact flying.camp @ 423-800-2228)

Please mind the gates and observe posted rules. As with all flying sites, please operate at all times in a safe and courteous manner respectful of each other, the public and other landowners, pilots and students.

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